During the XIX and the first half of the XX century, many artists did not have a chance to be recognized and their work to be valued. For many reasons, certain groups of people were ignored when the history of art was being written. The last couple of decades have brought a trend of questioning and reexamining the written histories.
This is why we have decided to give the voice to women photographers in Vojvodina (northern Serbia). Their heritage was never researched in this way before. Our pioneering project turned out to be a great challenge due to the lack of information. Supported by private collectors, institutions and even local people from the region, we managed to finish this one-year-long research. Our exhibition is just a starting point for the future researchers. We exhibited works of Anna Feldmann, Hermina Irma Speizer, Marija Bogdanović Rosandić, Flora Alföldy, Katinka Erdoglija - Ćirić and Katarina Horvat Kathe.